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Snap on Smile Review

Last year, if you walked into your dentist's office asking for a perfect smile, the answer would only be yes with a lot of anesthetic, drilling and permanent reconstruction. Today our options have changed!

Snap-On Smile® is the new and affordable alternative to permanent dental work. Offering a painless, quick and simple way to obtain a perfect smile.

Snap-Ons are removable and take about 10 minutes to insert. It is made of a specialized resin material that literally snaps on over a patient's teeth like a retainer and can be removed just as easily.

It takes only one trip to the dentist where he will make a mold of your existing teeth and then have you choose from 23 color shades and 18 smile designs. That cast is sent to the Snap-On Smile company which creates a mold to fit the shape and shade you desire. Within 14 days your dentist will receive your case back.

The hottest Snap-Ons on the block belong to celebrities. And the top three belong to Jessica Simpson, Halle Barry and Britney Spears. Other available smiles include those of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts.

There are no requirements for preperation, no injections and no adhesives. Its patented design allows you to eat anything (even corn on the cob) without any impingement into the gums.

The cost for a Snap-On Smile® runs about $1,500 a row, which will cost you far less than other methods of attaining a perfect smile.



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